Printable Postage

Printable Postage Saves YOU Time

“No more driving to the Post Office™ to purchase stamps saves me a lot of time. I can do it all from my desk.” - Lynn Penfield, Attorney at Law

Printable Postage Saves YOU Money

“I am extremely pleased with your service. A recent analysis in my office shows we will save over $450.00 this year.” - Charles Nai, Quali-Tech Northeast

Printable Postage Beats Traditional Postage Meters Hands Down

“As a past owner of a Pitney Bowes stamp machine and current user of, I can assure you that I am never going back.” - Quilichini & Fernandez

Printable Postage is a great tool for small business

“ has made postage very convenient and is a perfect tool for small businesses.” - Mitchell Kreindler, Kreindler & Associates

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Printable Postage is an innovative cost effective way to look after all your postage needs.

The advantage of printable postage over traditional postage methods is that without ever having to leave your office you can print official United States Postal Service postage directly from your PC and printer.

Save time by reducing trips to the Post Office. Print postage right from your PC! Try today!

More that 300,000 satisfied customers now take advantage of printable postage saving up to 80% against traditional postage meters.

This postage service does not only offer printable postage, you can also print your shipping labels or print postage directly onto envelopes enabling you to create professional quality mail that enhances your company image.

There is also an insurance policy that you can use to protect your valuable items. A delivery confirmation service for your priority mail and client codes that allow you to keep track of the amount of postage spent.

The printable postage service comes with a four week trial, if you do not like the service you can cancel before the four weeks is up at no risk and with no charge to yourselves.

If you like the printable postage service (and 300,000 happy customers cannot be wrong!!) then you need do nothing, your account will just automatically continue.

The full printable postage service costs a low $15.99 per month and you can cancel at any time as there is no long term contract and no cancellation fee. You really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

When you try the printable stamp postage service you will get the following:
- A free supplies kit ($5 Value)

After your trial period you will receive:
- Postage Coupons ($20 Value)
- Digital Postage Scale ($50 Value)

A total value worth $80

Reduce trips to the Post Office. Print postage right from your PC! Try today!

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E-commerce shipping has never been easier with printable postage. Whether you choose to print one shipping label at a time or print them all in one batch, fulfilling your e-commerce orders is a snap with Their printable postage software eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically retrieving your order information from eBay®,®, Paypal®, Etsy®, Yahoo!, Google Checkout™ and even your own shopping cart! will also post-back shipping details and order info to your eBay or Amazon store. also lets you hide the postage value on your labels (to avoid customer questions) and even generates return shipping labels at your customer’s request.

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With printable postage you can save up to 80% compared to postage meters. Do so much more for so much less. With, you will benefit from the following:-

  • No hidden fees,
  • No service charges and equipment insurance
  • No expensive postage meter ink.
  • No extra hardware to buy or lease.
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