Printable Stamps for MAC

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Printable Stamps for MAC are an innovative cost effective way to look after your postage needs and Endicia for Mac gives you all the following benefits:- it helps you fulfill orders—and customer expectations—it has loads of useful features designed to save you money and improve your service. Printable stamps for MAC from Endica can cut your costs with discounts on insurance and delivery confirmation. You can impress your customers with professional shipping labels, online package tracking, and pre-paid return labels. Use stealth postage to hide your handling fees and avoid customer complaints. With the great rates and global reach of the USPS at your fingertips, fulfillment has never been easier.

Printable Stamps for Mac, Endica Features

  • New! Supports January 22nd, 2012 Price Change
  • Print Labels and Envelopes in Batches
  • Favorites to Remember Common Packages
  • Print Mailing Labels, Envelopes and Postage
  • Calculates Domestic and International Rates
  • Free Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail
  • Built-in Support for Electronic Postal Scales
  • Interactive Mailing History
  • Handles Certified Mail and Return Receipt
  • 30 Day Free Trial Click Here to Start
  • $15.95/month plus cost of postage

The advantage of printable stamps for MAC over traditional postage methods is that without ever having to leave your office you can print official USPS stamps directly from your PC and printer.

You can also save money and hassle by reducing trips to the Post Office. No more standing in line!! Click the banner below to get started.

Printable Stamps for MAC by Endicia does not only offer printable stamps, you can also print your shipping labels or print postage directly onto envelopes enabling you to create professional quality mail that gives a great impression of your company.

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